Alternative Education

The Saint Paul Public Schools Office of Alternative Education (Alt Ed) uses a nationally recognized model to provides a variety of educational programs that help students earn their high school diploma. Each school year hundreds of regional students from our own and other districts are enrolled in one of five diploma-granting programs. Many more earn credits needed for graduation through Evening High School, Extended Day Programs and Summer School, thus enabling them to graduate on time.

Visit these program pages for further information:


  • AGAPE is a teen pregnancy and parenting program

  • Credit Recovery Programs offer students an opportunity to make up credits for graduation

  • Evening High School provides an alternate time for students to make up credits for graduation

  • Extended Day Programs are a third option for students to earn credits

  • Gordon Parks is a comprehensive high school for students needing credit recovery options

  • LEAP is a comprehensive high school for students who have limited English skills and possibly limited formal schooling

  • Online Classes are avaialble in evey expanding subjects for credit recovery options

  • Summer Programs are avaialble each year to support credit recovery and achievement gaps

Options for Adult Learners:


  • Adult Basic Education offers GED, ELL, college and career prep classes for adults who are not eligible for Aternative Education programs.


* Connections was a former program for credit recovery. Options for restructuring the program are being explored, but no classes are currently offered.